The 2020 Event

The Memorial Tent

During our annual Music Fest, we at Conquering Life Prison and Recovery Ministry would like to honor and remember all those who have lost their lives to addiction. To this end, we will be having a tent where we can reflect on our children's struggle with addiction, as well as how it has affected us, parents, spouses, siblings, relatives and friends. This is a way for us to put a face to this battle of addiction. These were lives lost who mattered. These were people who had dreams, ambitions, greatness to contribute to this world, but who succumbed to an affliction that is little understood. Their lives and deaths were not in vain. Although they are no longer with us, they left us a legacy. We want to honor them by showing the world that they are not forgotten and that we are their voices.

We will end the stigma surrounding those afflicted by addiction. We will bring it to the forefront and we will fight until addiction is no more. We may be struck down but we are not defeated. If you've lost someone to addiction and would like to honor and remember him/her this way, please fill out the consent form and contact Nancy Lion by email.

Email Nancy Lion to serve in memorial tent.

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